Welcome To Our Fellowship!
Answering the question: Who is Christ to us today?

In each age, people step back to discover the meaning of life and how they can best experience the fullness that life has to offer. In the process, we discover things about ourselves, about God, about purpose, and about the path God desires us to take. We learn who Christ is, in these moments of our lives, as we walk out the practicality of life everyday.

By walking daily with God, seeking the proper educational opportunities, prayer, Bible study, and walking out the gifts, Dr. Lee Ann B. Marino discovered her call as an apostle of the Lord and her true purpose as a leader, educator, author, preacher, and teacher in the Body of Christ. A radio program, a television program, a magazine, preaching and teaching both in and out of hte US, covering and over twenty books later, Apostle now offers you the opportunity to discover who Christ is today for you - within your own experience and purpose.

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